3 Ways To Review Your App

Publicity Is Always A Good Thing. Let’s Take It Up A Notch

In the event that you direct some exploration and make an inquiry or two, you’ll discover loads of various alternatives and techniques.

Generally, you need your application audit procedure to be straightforward. Keep it basic. Individuals would prefer not to remove excessively time from their day giving you input.

So ensure everything is immediate and to the point.

In my experience, I’ve seen heaps of various audit techniques. Some work superior to other people. I’ve limited the best three different ways to survey your application.


  1. Use Social Media Channels

For the most part, individuals relate web-based life as a stage to advertise and advance their application. While this is valid, and unquestionably something you ought to do, it’s likewise a profitable apparatus for application criticism.

There are billions of dynamic month to month users over the most prominent web-based life channels. So risks are, your application users have a nearness on somewhere around one of these stages.

So how might you utilize these channels to get criticism?

First of all, remaining dynamic and connected via web-based networking media will enable you to keep your finger on the beat.

On the off chance that users are having issues, you’ll think about it in case you’re always speaking with them on the majority of your social channels.

This methodology isn’t something that you can execute medium-term. It requires investment to have a functioning internet-based life nearness. You generally need to attempt and get more adherents, post pictures, recordings, and simply keep your brand new in the brains of these users.

You need to make a domain where your supporters realize that you welcome criticism. So in the event that they’re upbeat, they’ll let you know. On the off chance that they’re despondent, they’ll unquestionably let you know.

While this requires significant investment, there are sure things that you can do immediately to begin empowering input for your application survey process.

Make surveys. Facebook and Twitter have had these alternatives for some time on their stages. However, Instagram just as of late added a survey highlight to their accounts.

You’re basically taking out two targets with one shot here on the off chance that you exploit this element.

First, adding content to your Instagram story all the time achieves what we examined about continually remaining dynamic via web-based networking media. This likewise keeps your supporters connected with since you’re searching for a reaction.

Second, you’re getting profitable criticism about your application. Starting at the present moment, you can just add two reactions to the survey, however, that is fine. Allude back to what I said before regarding keeping this procedure brisk and as basic as could be allowed.

You can utilize online networking to approach your supporters for new thoughts. In case you’re considering adding another element to your application or disposing of something, connect with your devotees and see their assessment.

Take a stab at spilling live recordings via web-based networking media so you can associate with your gathering of people continuously.

Here’s something different you have to remember with regards to dealing with your web-based social networking technique for input. You generally need to react to remarks and direct messages.

Try not to disregard individuals. I understand that these remarks and messages can be overpowering, yet it’s a decent issue to have.

Think about this. Suppose somebody has a poor experience with your mobile application.

The responses on this rundown are largely terrible news for your brand. So if a user sets aside the opportunity to message you via web-based networking media about this poor experience, regardless you have an opportunity to rescue the relationship.

Try not to blow it. Consider their input important and let them realize that you’re taking a shot at the issue.

In the event that you hold up too long to even consider responding, they’ll simply abandon the application and you simply passed up the chance.

You can likewise utilize Twitter’s propelled hunt to audit your application. Simply type for the sake of your application, your Twitter account, or hashtags related to your brand to perceive what individuals are stating.

What’s the tone of the tweets about your application? It is safe to say that they are sure? Negative?


  1. Reach Out To Other Mobile App Developers

Try not to be reluctant to approach your companions for counsel. You’re not really contenders with anybody and everybody who has gone through mobile app development.

All through the improvement procedure and your years in the business, I’m certain you’ve made important associations with others. Get the phone or give them an email. Pleasantly request them to audit your application.

It could be a past app designers that you worked with on another undertaking. Perhaps a designer that a companion of yours knows. Anyone in the innovation business will be useful.

Without a doubt, you could simply ask a companion or relative to survey your application, yet that is not as successful. Individuals in the innovation field might have the capacity to enable you to out with specific things that other individuals can’t.

The normal individual may imagine that your application runs easily, however, somebody with a specialized foundation will have the capacity to choose more blemishes.

In case you’re stuck and not certain who you ought to request help, think about joining on the web networks and systems. Experiment with something like TechRepublic.

It’s an extraordinary method to interface with individuals who have been in your shoes previously. Talk about your application on discussions and get criticism from a gathering of friend specialists.

Who knows, in the end, you might have the capacity to furnish a proportional payback and help other individuals in the business audit their applications also.


  1. Encourage In-App Reviews

Tell users that you need to get notification from them. Your contact data shouldn’t be a secret. Ensure that it’s simple for individuals to speak with you and that you give numerous alternatives to input.

Prior I recommended utilizing online networking stages to lead overviews to get criticism amid your survey procedure. All things considered, you can adopt a similar strategy straightforwardly in your application as well.

In-application overviews are an extraordinary method to screen your execution. It’s simply got the opportunity to be agreeable and simple for users to react.

Users most likely won’t make a special effort to give you input, so you have requested it. When they open the application, consider having a popup with an overview.

On the off chance that they’re discontent with something, they’ll educate you concerning it now.

Simply ensure that you’re just utilizing this methodology intermittently. Try not to send a popup each time a user opens the application. That is irritating and won’t enhance their experience.



In the event that you need your application to be incredible, you have to survey it all the time. Your survey procedure will enable you to make sense of what you’re doing admirably, and what zones of your application require enhancement.

Utilize internet-based life channels to interface with your users and request input. Contact individuals you’ve manufactured associations within the tech business or join online networks for counsel.

Empower in-application surveys. Simply ensure you’re not irritating your users.

You can set up a segment of your website that is for input too. Utilize beta analyzers and center gatherings to get definite reactions for your application’s execution. Dissect the majority of this data from your audit procedure and make the important changes.