5 Tips for an Affordable Wedding Reception

Focus the wedding budget on the must haves.

Setting a realistic wedding budget is an important starting point of the entire planning process. It will be more difficult to monitor your expenses if you fail to set a budget from the very beginning. Sit down with your future husband, and decide on a budget. If you are operating on a tight budget, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to afford that extravagant bridal tiara in Malaysia. Don’t worry, there are tons of beautiful alternatives!

Give your wedding tunes an amateur spin.

A DJ or a brass quartet is not an important aspect for your wedding. Spotify and a quality speaker can get the job done. This can save you tons of money! You and your partner can make playlists together.

Make the flowers a portion of the background, not the highlight.

We all know that wedding flowers are essentials of a traditional wedding celebration. The bridesmaids and bride carry them around, and they can even be a part of the wedding reception centerpieces. But, keep in mind that minimalism is now a trend. There is no need to cover all spaces with flowers. Consider smaller bouquets or paper flowers.

Look for an affordable yet awesome wedding reception location.

This is perhaps one of the best wedding reception tips ever. This can cut down your expenses significantly. The costs of booking a reception spot is astronomical. However, if you have set your heart into a specific place, you must go for it. Just be creative in other aspects of the wedding planning process.

Consider a long engagement to find more affordable rates.

A longer engagement has tons of benefits. Why not stretch it to around a year or 2? A lot of planning categories can cost you more if you try to book them ahead of time. Since schedules are already full, they might charge you am additional amount. Wait a bit longer to find the best deals, and to make more time to save.