5 Website Design Trends You Can Use When You Sell Services Online


Market your services to the people closest to you. In order to do this, you need to focus on local SEO. As we all know, Google rules the internet, and sets various laws in this land. One of its most important laws is the law of relevance. This search engine wants to give the most relevant results to each user. By focusing on local SEO, this can benefit you, too.

Put your opt-in or contact form above the fold.

The above the fold part is the top-half part of your web page. This is the very first area your visitors see. Once they see your content in this part, then they would decide if they will leave or stay. Put your opt-in and contact form here to easily grab attention.

Include high-resolution images.

We are all visual creatures, and we are easily attracted to engaging images. Incorporating a high-res photo at the top part of your website design means allowing potential customers to begin imagining what success appears like.

Implement a fresh-looking design.

When your website layout is fresh and compelling, it would stay relevant and interesting. If your readers find out that your web pages are outdated, you would lose their trust. Updating your website regularly is a big responsibility, but it can generate amazing, beneficial and profitable results.

Social Proof

People do research before finalizing deals and purchases. Of course, they want to know if you have done it before, and if you’re an expert in the field. Don’t forget to include social proof on your pages to help them make the right decision of working with you.