A Rolex watch always stands out in every timepiece collection. There are plenty of men’s
watches in Malaysia, but Rolex watches always top choices. Take care of your Rolex watch well.
Stick to a regular watch servicing service. One of the most common concerns here is how often
should you service it? In order to answer this question, see to it that you have familiarized
yourself with the Rolex watch model that you have.

Whether you have a Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona or Rolex GMT-Master, this basic guide
can help you.

How to have your Rolex timepiece serviced?

Rolex watches usually fall in three main categories–new, vintage or more than 7 years old. Take
action according to the category of your watch. Of course, watch owners are free to service their
timepieces as often as they want. Guides like this just give out recommendations.

1. New watches.

These are timepieces under 7 years old. Since the watch is new, no service is needed, unless it is
operating poorly or damaged.

2. Watches more than 7 years of age

In general, a full-service overhaul is highly recommended.

3. Vintage watches

Usually, no service is recommended, unless it is running poorly. It is crucial to keep a vintage
Rolex watch all of its original parts, and then pick a reputable service center that is highly
experienced in dealing with vintage-grade timepieces.

What occurs exactly when you have your Rolex watch serviced?

Servicing Rolex watches means making sure that the timepiece is resistant under water. Watch
servicing entails a certain number of complex procedures. It begins by disassembling all the
movement, and cleaning all the parts.

After the cleaning process, the movement is again reassembled. During this time, the parts are
lubricated properly. The gaskets also need to be changed and tested.