How to Earn Money Using Your Apps?

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How to Earn Money Using Your Apps?


Mobile app development is no joke. You start with a novel idea and then you start visualizing how it will look in the end. Also, you have to include the features that will make your users glued to their smartphones when they’re using your mobile application.

That being said, did you know that you can earn money by just using your apps? Read on to find out how.

  1. Develop a Game App with the End User in Mind

Mobile Game

Mobile games have become the bread and butter for many companies, especially when it comes to their monetization schemes.

In fact, the once PC-exclusive company, Blizzard, created their own game for the mobile platforms as well. They just couldn’t resist the amount of money that can be had when creating mobile games.

For you to monetize your games well, you have to first create something that will appeal to the users. Obviously, you have to think about a concept first and foremost. Which games would appeal to the general public?

Once you come up with a game idea, everything will fall into place much quicker.

  1. Create a Base, Then Add New Features

Most game development companies would think of a base game- with some core features that will help entice people to download and play for a long time.

Then, always make it a point to add new novel features in the future. This is so that you can have an app ready in a shorter period of time and then adding new features to keep the interest burning among the players.

  1. Think About a “Freemium” Model


Some game companies release a lite version of their games as sort of an introduction to what is in store for the players.

If the players like the base game, they will not hesitate to spend money on your cause. Just make sure that you give them something of value- something that is worth their hard-earned money.

  1. In-App Purchases

Another great way to earn money by using your games is to include in-app purchases. For instance, you may want to introduce new armors or weapons through this payment model. Basically, you give users something that cannot be unlocked through normal means and then let them pay for it so that they will have a chance to acquire it.

Now, if you think that this is unethical, it is not. You could still allow users to unlock the items without paying, but just make sure that you provide a much easier option for them to obtain it. It would also help that the item’s attributes are so much better than the ones that are unlocked through normal progression so that it will really entice people to spend money.

  1. Track Your Game’s Performance Through Analytics


You can track your game’s performance through the use of analytics data of your mobile app. Just make sure to inform the user first that you’re tracking their data just so that they will know. Make enhancements and improvements whenever necessary.